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If I can't do a lot, I can at least do a little bit.

So, Japan, earthquake, tsunami, nuclear reactor verging on catastrophe.

Not good things.

Now, there's been a lot of natural disasters of late. I haven't, unfortunately, been able to really do much for them beyond pitching in a couple bucks here or there. I still can't do much more than that.

Of course, with Japan, you're talking about someplace that... well, most of my fandoms are sourced out of there. Especially with regards to Tokusatsu, or various anime, such as Digimon, Slayers, and such forth. Of course, in the grand scheme of things, those are trivial - but it's hard to not think about when everything I look at stems from there.

There is still some confusion bouncing if the funds donated to the Red Cross will go straight to Japan, but as luck would have it a fundraiser has been cropping up in all of my usual circles that promises the money WILL be going directly to Japan:

Presenting Super Hero Time. Spearheaded by leading sites and members of the Tokusatsu and Power Rangers fandom, including Riders, Rangers, and Rambles, Henshin Justice Unlimited, and probably most importantly, CS Toys International, among many, many others. I say CS Toys most importantly because, as a company based out of Japan, they are as close to this as anyone could be. And it's through them that they're promising for all donated money to go straight into the local charities. Mr. S of CS Toys will be making certain first hand that the money goes to those in need of assistance in Japan itself, this way.

I had wanted to talk about this first hand, as I think it has more of an impact when met with someone face-to-face. However, due to technical difficulities I wasn't able to do this - thankfully, many others have already beaten me to the punch. So, I'll share the video that lit a fire under my ass to try and spread this stuff around more - TJ Omega, of the WTF @ TFW Podcast, as well as his own YouTube Channel:

Even if you can't donate anything, one can at least spread the word around - and via that, maybe someone who CAN donate will catch wind or be pushed to doing so.

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